Angry birds space 3

angry birds space 3

Angry Birds Space 3 stars level Solar System 3 Star walkthrough. Tutorial showing you how to get 3 stars. Learn at how I obtained 90 million views on YouTube Thanks for watching this. This walkthrough tutorial shows you one way to get 3 stars in Angry Birds Space Fry Me to the Moon 3. angry birds space 3


The Angry Birds Movie

Angry birds space 3 - Sound

I wish I knew what I did differently. I do not remember if it was 2 or 3 stars though. The strategy for Fry Me to the Moon level is fire the Lazer bird into the icy asteroid in the smaller gravitational. All that remains is a little luck with other debris to pop the orbiting pigs. Ok for a minute or so anyway. Mostly scores are in the 45K range, but just once I got Got above average at 47k using this tip:

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