My hand is a dolphin

my hand is a dolphin

Some of the signs of My - hand-is-a-Dolphin Syndrome (a.k.a. MHISADS) is the need to roll down the window in the car when you are "kicking it" in the front-seat. Quite possibly the greatest clip from YouTube. Video which the clip is from: http:// · DRAW MY LIFE - REBECCA BLACK - Duration: rebecca 4,, views · MY HAND IS A.


Rebecca Black-"Friday" My hand is a Dolphin my hand is a dolphin My Hand is a Dolphin. Share This Page Tweet. Dictionary and thread title search: My Hand is a Dolphin Uploaded by monkeywaffles. Entry Categories Events 1, Memes 12, People 1, Sites Subcultures 1,

My hand is a dolphin - Witch

My Hand is a Dolphin Uploaded by ri. The Urban Dictionary Mug One side has the word, one side has the definition. Thank you pops and sorry panjadrum about not providing more context. Site Rules Style Guide RSS Feeds Chat. My hand is a dolphin is a phrase that refers to a movement of the hand in an up and down waving fashion, akin to the swimming of a dolphin. Now I get it, maybe her hand pretended to be a dolphin.

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